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Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

Millions of Australians use the private health system and choose to take out private health insurance.

This enables you to choose the surgeon of your choice, the timing of your procedure and in some cases the hospital of your choice.  You also have the added security of not having your procedure cancelled or delayed (barring unforeseen circumstances).

Most levels of private hospital insurance help pay for inpatient treatments provided that:

  • You receive the services while you have been formally admitted in a hospital.
  • It is a treatment for which Medicare pays a benefit.
  • It is not an excluded Service on your level of cover.
  • You have met all the standard conditions of your membership - such as serving the relevant waiting periods.  If you have a pre existing illness or condition the waiting period is 12 months.

Your private health insurance will usually cover the majority of the costs associated with private hospital treatment with the exception of the doctors’ charges. These include the surgeon, assistant and anaesthetist.

Please note that there will be, in most instances, an out-of-pocket gap for your surgery, and this varies from one procedure to another. This is because Medicare rebates (the amount health insurers base their rebates on) have failed to keep pace with the costs of running a medical practice.

We will give you a written estimate of your gap prior to your surgery.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure your health fund will adequately cover your surgery.

The costs of surgery relate to:

  • Surgeon and assistant surgeon (if required)
  • Anaesthetist
  • Hospital
  • Ancillary charge (pharmacy, non-rebated instruments etc)

I Don't Have Health Insurance

If you are not in a Health Fund, but wish to proceed with surgery, you have other options which include:

  • Join a Public Hospital Waiting List, or
  • Pay for the operation yourself ("self fund")

Public Hospital Waiting List

  • This is a government funded service and is free to patients. 
  • Your GP or other referring doctor can forward a referral to a Public Hospital.  Once received this will be “triaged” by  the appropriate Registrar who will arrange for an appointment time to be posted to you.

Self Funding

  • Many people choose to "Self Fund" or pay for their own surgery.
  • This allows patients to pay for the operation themselves at a Private Hospital.
  • If you have not previously contributed to a Private Health Insurance fund you might consider this option.
  • If this is suitable for you, it means you can have your operation when you choose or when you need it and so assist in getting your life back to normal as soon as possible.
  • You will receive a portion of the doctors’ fees from Medicare (although not all), and we will assist you to get an accurate written estimate of the Private Hospital and doctors’ charges before you proceed.
  • Full payment is requested by the Hospital, Surgeon, Anaesthetist and Assistant (if one is required) prior to the procedure.