Advanced Gynaecological Surgery Centre

At Advanced Gynaecological Surgery Centre, our trained and well-experienced gynaecologists are specialized in treating various conditions. We also assist people with fertility in fulfilling their dreams of having a child. In addition to appropriate treatment, our specialists insist more on patient education about their problems and available treatment options.

Click on each tab to know more about various gynaecological conditions treated and other services available at Advanced Gynaecological Surgery Centre.

Painful PeriodsPainful Periods Post Menopausal BleedingBleeding after menopause
Abnormal Pap SmearsAbnormal Pap Smears Reversal After sterilisationReversal After Sterilisation
Permanent sterilisation Permanent sterilisation Vaginal ProlapseVaginal Prolapse
IncontinenceUrinary Incontinence Heavy BleedingHeavy Periods
InfertilityInfertility FibroidsFibroids

If you wish to be advised on the most appropriate treatment, please call (08) 8132-0566 to schedule an appointment or click to get online appointment.